Terminals are special facilities in Final Cross with whom players can store there items/equipment,Crimson Marks and vehicles plus change vehicles that are avaliable to the player use.They have a maximum storage capacity of 999 items and can be assigned to sell items in the market.

Obtaining and Customizing TerminalsEdit

In Final Cross players will be authorized to hire a storage keeper upon get a storage facility access card during the Main Scenario.Storage Keepers can be hired by speaking with the bank talior in six major cities' Market Square. Up to Three Storage Keepers may be hired into service. 

Players can choose from any race/gender combination for their storage keeper, customize their appearance and assign a nickname to refer to them. However, there is no way to further adjust the appearance of a hired storage keeper without dismissing them and hiring a new one.The player can summon their storage keeper with the Service Bell in the Market Suare of every major city, as well as residential districts, inn rooms. A Service Bell can also be installed within player housing.

Terminal TypesEdit