Swords are recurring weapons in the series.The initial weapon of a Warrior in the original Final Cross, It is also a common weapon among jobs, though the Knight is usually the only one that can equip every one of them, but in any case, the Paladin, the Dark Knight, and the Blue and Red Mages are some of the jobs that can also equip swords.

About SwordsEdit

A highly celebrated tool of war, renowned weapon throughout history, with myths of various legends of this particular weapon with nearly every culture, and once common amongst soldiers and warriors in the past, being easy to handle and cheap to manufacture. Commonly featured as the prime brand of heroes and a staple within the genre of fantasy itself, the sword finds itself in Final Cross without question.

A lengthened blade fitted into the top of a handle, with many varying designs and kinds, the Sword remains one of the most popular weapons within the series, being used by many classes, ranging from physically orientated to reaching those of different fields. Not only limited to its own type, the Sword has inspired creation of many independent and distinguished variations of its kind within the Final Cross series,


Final CrossEdit

List Of Swords

One Haneded Swords
Two Handed Swords