Shops are a recurring Feature in the Final Cross Series.They provide the player with areas where items, weapons, armor and magic can be bought and sold for Gil. There are eight recurring types of Shop, which are named according to what they sell: Armor Shops sell Armor , Magic Shops sell Magic, Weapon Shops sell Weapons ,and Item Shops sell Items,Culinarian Shops sell Ingredients,Material Shop sell Materials.Customization Shop sells Upgrades,Market Place sells loot and vendor trash.


Final Cross Edit

In Final Cross player can access the Crimson market, which the player uses from the menu.The player can buy Clear Crystals from the Creature Bank to clear out nodes in the Crystal System to replace with more potent stat boosts to max out their stats.players generally trade with each other through the use of Crimson market since they can get a better price and most of the best items are not sold by NPC vendors.In the major citys in,shops are divided into magick, weapons, armor, Material, customization,items and,Culinarian.and in minor areas there are usually vendors selling base provisions. Many of the more remote shops update their stock late in the game to sell special items and equipment that are not available from any other shop.A new kind of shop in Final Cross is the Market Place that is available in every normal shop, but the items in the Market Place only become available as the player sells specific looted items and vendor trash in specific quantities to the shops. Many of the best equipment are only available through the Market Place.

List Of Shops

List Of General Stores