The Save Station is used in 'Final Cross series in addition to lounges as a place to save and heal the party's HP and MP. The World Map tends to be one huge save station, as it is possible to save at any time while on the map, howecer, towns and dungeons have specific save stations which are clearly marked.which the player must activate the save station by touching it or walking into it.

The Save Station also heal the party's summons and pets.A save station tends to be placed right before a particularly hard point in a dungeon, as a breather in a long run of battles, or before a boss battle.In Final Cross save stations automatically heal the entire party's HP and MP and fully cure the player of any status ailments, without the use of a tent.But however:(the player can still use sleeping bag or your homestead and inns to save and heal the party).


Final CrossEdit

Save Station appears as a form of cylinder Crystal that comes in three colors blue, the standard Save Station and yellow, a Gate Station that can also teleport the player to other Gate Stations and green, the primer Soul Station which is a combination of the other two station but also allow the player to switch between single modes and multiplayer modes freely.

Also be used to access the PHS.Players may also access the Crimson market and upgrade/disassemble equipment at Save Station.

They can, however, allow the player access to the airship and can fully restore the party's HP and MP as well as curing all status ailments and restore all knocked out allies to life.