The Resource System in Final Cross series manages the acquistion of resources like Materials, Ingredients,Carts,Gil,Money.

The player can see how many of each type of resource they have by looking at the lower left area of their screen, just below their mini map. This will show them their Gil,Money,Materials,and certs. 

Or theplayer can see how many of each type of resource they have by looking at their Profile Summary screen (by going to your main characters profile.

certification points are given to a player when they have accumulated 250 experience points

There are several ways to acquire resources:

  • Geathering --- Resource Nodes are found randomly around the world. Ore veins are mined with picks, trees are logged with axes, and other plants are harvested with sickles.
  • Looting --- You have a chance of finding appropriate crafting materials such as hides or trophies when you loot slain enemies.
  • Purchasing — Some specialist vendors sell ingredients.
  • Salvaging — Available from merchants, salvage kits allow you to salvage crafting materials out of old or unwanted items.

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