The Raccoggles Network is a type of market system use  in Final Cross. Player make purchases through shops by accessing the Save Stations scattered around the map or by finding a Market Board in city's.They can be found in ever main city-states, as well as the residential district as Market Boards.

They Raccoogles Network is a place where the players can sell their items and equipment on the board after they assigned their Terminals to the market.All the market boards throughout every city are connected together, however purchasing items sold in a different city incurs a slight fee.


When you wish to purchase new items and new equipment or sell items or equipment in your parties inventory,you first need to access the Save Station or a Market Board. Approach any Save Station or Market Board. Walking onto the Save Station or walk up to the Market Board and press when the word ACCESS appears to open the Save Station or Market Board menu. Select Shop from this menu, and then choose the retailer whose network you would like to access.

Your selection will be limited at first, but as you obtain E-Pass for new Raccoogles Networks, you will gain access to a wider variety of vendors and merchandise. e-pass are what gains you access to the full Raccoogles network database during the tutorial you only have limited access to the database until you find your e-pass you well stay at only limited access so to get full access to the raccoogle network you ned to get your e-pass and as you collect usable items you e-pass gets update with new merchandise for you to buy when you sell merchandise if its not on the raccoogle network yet it well get added when the e-pass updates.

Chronocredit are use for purchases in the Raccoogle Network when You obtain Trader Dollars or Coins from Treasure chest, or by selling items that you no longer need. it gets added to your chronocredit which allows you to make purchases. if you don't go purchase a chronocredit in the market center in Foxanderia you well speak to Rex Longwolf he gives you side quest to do for him in exchange for your chronocredit.

Shops frequently expand their stocks, offering you the chance to acquire new items. Whenever new merchandise becomes available through a vendor to which you have access, a notice will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. An icon will also appear next to the name of any shop with updated offerings when you choose Shop from the Save Station menu.

List Of Raccoggles Network ShopsEdit

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