The RVR Training Facility is a place were the player can try out there new and already purchese weapons,upgrades and unlocks before buy them with certs or cash.It can also be used to practice skills such as shooting, sniping and flying/driving vehicles. Each faction has a seperate, identical facility, so no need to worry about bumping into the enemy!

How do you find the RVR Training Facility?

  1. Go to the warp terminal 
  2. Click on RVR Training 

Good luck!

Features of RVR

What can you do in the RVR Training Facility see below.

Everything UnlockedEdit

Any weapon, any attachment, or any upgrade! You can equip them all in RVR! Want to know just how that gun performs? try it here before using them in the weapon trail.Just go the the weapon terminal and equip them.Please not the the player cannot take upgrade/attachments and weapons back to the real game with having bought them first,

Raccoogle Virtual RangeEdit

The Raccoogle Virtual Range is a place to try out weapons and upgrades/attachments.Enamies will apear at 15m intervals, giving you the opportunity to test your equipment at different ranges.after trying out the equipment you can click on the touch pad in the Raccoogle Virtual Range and equip the equipment of your choice after you have bought it! There is no penalty for shooting friendly targets in the raccoogle virtual range.

Raccoogle Standerd RangeEdit

Another range, this one with fixed targets to shoot. This range is useful for practicing weapon discipline and Archery. The weapons terminals on either side can be used when you are low on ammunition/arrows or bolts  or want to change equipment

Free VehiclesEdit

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