A quest is a task given to the player that yields a reward when completed. Most quests are given by by an NPC (non-player character). However, some quests can come from right-clicking signs (usually the wanted poster type), reading scrolls or documents, opening containers, using certain looted items. Until you reach the maximum level, a quest will also reward you with Experience Points (XP). After that, you will receive gold instead.

Starting outEdit

Identifying quest giversEdit

You can identify quest giving NPCs from indicators over their heads:

  • A gold exclamation point () indicates an available quest.
  • A silver exclamation point () indicates a quest that will be available when you gain a few levels. This is not on the minimap.
  • A gold question mark () indicates a completed quest (you have met its requirements).
  • A silver question mark () indicates an in-progress (un-completed) quest that you still have requirements to meet.

If you have completed a quest but you might not want to turn it in yet (because your bags are full, for instance), you can return to it later at any time. However, until you turn it in, the quest ender will comtinue to display a gold question mark (), so you will not know if they have a new quest for you until you turn it the completed quest or speak to them as if to turn it in.

Quest typesEdit

In Final Cross, quests are searated into several broad categories:

  • Solo quests — the most common kind
  • Group quests — suggested for more than 1 player
  • Dungeon quests — objective of the quest is inside an instance
  • Raid quests — objective of the quest is inside a raid instance or involves a raid boss

Solo questsEdit

Most quests are intended to be completed by a single player, but depending on the quest, different classes may have differing levels of difficulty completing quests.

Group questsEdit

In the quest text a group quest will have a recommended number of players to complete this type of quest. These number estimates are conservative and some 2 player quests can be easily soloed while others may be slightly difficult with given number of players. Many quests recommending 3-4 players can be done with 2 players.

Previously called an "elite" quest.

Dungeon questsEdit

Requires an objective inside an instance. Other than that they can be similar to solo and group quests.

Raid questsEdit

Requires an objective inside a raid instance or involving an outdoor raid boss.These are the hardest types of quests to complete for players of the recommended level range.

Quest variationsEdit

Most standard quest tasks take one of the following forms with a variety of quest objectives:

  • Gather a number of items and return them to the quest giver or some other NPC.
  • Kill a number of creatures and return to the quest giver or another NPC.
  • Deliver an item (usually a letter or a package) or some items from the quest giver to another NPC.
  • Kill a number of creatures, loot a single quest item or several quest items from them, and return with the quest item(s) to the quest giver or another NPC.
  • Use a job skills to acquire or make a single or several items and return with the item(s) to the quest giver or another NPC.
  • Escort an NPC from one place to another, usually through a dangerous area.
    • Many quests that involve escorting an NPC through an area full of enemies can be quite difficult to do alone.The NPCs of those quests are suicidal hotshots who engage each enemy within a 10-yard radius despite your directive to keep them alive, leaving you to save them from themselves as well as all the other enemies attempting to eat both of you. In addition, many escort quests have scripted events where a number of enemies will spawn right in front of you, forcing you to fight them at once. Failing these quests occurs commonly, but you can easily abandon it and start over. Or, in some cases, if you find yourself overwhelmed during quests like these, abandon the quest and run away as far as you can, and try it again when you are at a higher level or have some backup coming with you.
    • Some players find Escort quests extremely annoying because the NPC almost always walks, regardless of the reason for the escort (even when you are escorting an NPC during an escape, they only run if they are moving to attack something).
    • Find and speak to an NPC, which usually leads to a subsequent quest. When such quests are designed to have the sole purpose of leading a player from one zone to another, they are known as Bread Crumb Quests.
  • Find a container item, loot an item in it that gives you a follow-up quest.
  • Explore a particular region or area and return to the quest giver or some other NPC.

NOTE: Some quests have a time limit, which is counted down in a clock that appears under the mini-map.

Quest rewardsEdit

Most rewards take the form of items or money, but some quests give abilities or spells. All quests tend to include XP as part of the reward, although some repeatable reputation quests do not reward XP.

Additional notes:

  • Some quests allow you to choose among reward items.

Managing a quest logEdit

Currently active quests are listed with their status and details in the Quest Log ().

Abandoning questsEdit

Quests can be abandoned with no penalty by clicking Abandon Quest in the Quest Log, except that the player must find the quest giver again to pickup the quest again. The Cancel button in the Quest Log just closes the window and does not affect any selected quests. There will be a warning that the special quest items already obtained (if there are any) will be destroyed when the quest abandoned. This does not include normal, non-quest items needed for some quests.

"Kill X of Y" questsEdit

Any quests that require you to kill "X" amount of something will have you restart at 0 killed if/when you pick up the quest again. This will affect all kill counters for any single quest, regardless of the number of different items needed to kill.

"Collect X of Y" questsEdit

If the items you are collecting are marked as Quest item you will lose those items when you abandon the related quest. Items, such as trade goods, which are not quest items will not be lost. Quests that have you collect "X" amount of something though will be updated to show the current amount you have collected (on person or in bank) if/when you pick up the quest again.

The quests that are most easily abandoned are the ones that come from drops that you have found. This way you can just reactivate the item and get the quest right back. Also, other good quests to drop (in case you need to) are the ones you get from NPCs, however, if you suddenly decide to do a quest that you get from there, yet you have to travel quite some distance to arrive at where you complete the quest. It can be very difficult to juggle quests. It would be helpful to write down what quests you've seen, where to get them, and where they're completed, and where you turn them in, so you can do several quests at once in one area.

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