The personal storyline is independent from random world events and is always available to follow through the game world and the events which occur there. The personal story is told through character specific instances and is personalized by decisions made before and during gameplay. There are potentially thousands of variations in the stories which can be experienced. A single character cannot experience all of these variations of the story.The story is played from one character's perspective for that character's story.


See also: Biography

At character creation the player can choose different biographical information which will change aspects of what occurs during the story. This might include the social status of the character, their attitude to other races, how friendly the character perceived to be, among many other things. Each race has different choices for their biographical information. The job skill chosen will also have a minor effect.

During gameplay there will be a variety of different decisions the player can make when they resolve different situations which is influenced by the personality system. Do you go in with guns blazing or try for the diplomatic solution? Do you punch the NPC who has been annoying you? Do you turn on the charm to get your way? How these situations resolve themselves will result in cosmetic changes for the character but nothing which will affect the power of the character.

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