The Neo Crimson Base is a headquater terminal that have several NPC tellers that allow a character to access a private storage area that is accessible from Neo Bank Branches.Neo Bank Branches appear in major cities and some towns, and allow a character to store items.crimson marks,trader's dollars and equipment not currently in use and not need at the time. The main Neo Crimson Base is located in west district of                     

Usage of Neo Crimson Base Edit

Neo Crimson Base also allows the player to store the money/items  they have earned through gambling or other means and store it in the Neo Bank space the player have purchase.The Neo Banks limit for storing money and items in neo banks is $5.000.000 U.S Dollars of Final Cross trader's dollars or crimson marks earned in the game and 5,000,000 equipment/items.The player can access there neo bank spaces via save stations storage option so when the player is a save station the menu there well be a storage option for the player to click on to go to the storages they own and whats in the storage or the player can go to the neo bank branch they own a space in and access the space via person. 

Neo Bank SpaceEdit

Initially a character's Neo Crimson Base account (vault storage space) contains 500 item storage slots and 500 money slots at no cost.As the player add item or money the slot the items or money the player add cost a fee to add  so depending on how many items or how much money the player wants to add after the player has filled the 500 free slots the player gets when the buy the space (Example: 20 items whould cost $5 trader's dollars or 50 crimson marks and say you want to win 600 crimson marks from battle or $20 trader's dollars from magick luxuries it would cost 60 crimson marks or $8 trader's dollers). The 500 money slot the player gets free when getting a neo bank space then as money is add the money is electronicly add into the players chronocredit. Players can craft using materials currently stored in the material bank, from anywhere in the world, without needing to retrieve the items first.Like real banks the player can store money in the neo bank as well as items,equipment.