Lounging exist in the Final Cross game. A lounge is usually a building with an loungekeeper NPC that serves a place for a teleport point.In smaller villages and towns, a lounge is typically a separate building with some sort of sleeping arrangements (bed, hammock,tent, etc.), but can also serve other purposes (hotal, trainer building, etc.). Lounges also have special music playing inside.

When the player characters rest at a lounge or Hotal, all of their HP and MP is restored, and most Statuses are cured. Unlike Cottages/tent sleeping at a lounge usually costs Gil.Usually, staying in a lounge is the cheapest way of restoring the party's health,

Lounging also usually serve as rest areas. Most have a Stable Master outside oppose to Cottage/tent. The music that accompanies an overnight stay is usually called "Good Night".


Final CrossEdit

In Final Cross. Lounging and Hotals appear in every town, and fully restore HP, MP, and remove status effects and feature Item Shops inside.Sleeping is sometimes required to move the storyline forward.The lounge prices differ from town to town and depending on the location. When players stay in hotels or lounges the player can't cook 

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Hotals in Final Cross,Each Hotel offers the same function of the lounge offering Save Station for the player to utilize and resting areas to restore health and status.Some of the Hotels in Final Cross contain bonus story plots or act as the location of major story events.

Lounging List Edit

Riverwood Lounge  

Pirate & Rose Lounge

Red Shield Lounge

Hammer Of Fire Lounge

Crimson Pirate Lounge

Bloodyice Dagger Lounge

Hallow Diamond Lounge