Level is the measure of how far a character has progressed in their personal growth potential. Gaining levels is the way for the player characters to advance throughout most of the Final Fantasy games. The characters advance in levels by gaining Experience Points. Both enemies and player characters have a level, but most times the opponents' level is fixed.

When the character gains a level, it is called a "Level Up". Gaining levels may heighten stats, unlock new magic and skills and enable the use of new items. The party's level may also influence the enemy's stats. The typical highest level is 100 for players, but 100+ for bosses and enemies.It is considered a challenge to attempt a "No Leveling Up Game", where upon the player tries to complete the game without the player characters having gained a single level.

Levels are also widely used to measure an enemy's strength in the series, and some games allow enemies to level up in the middle of battle as well.

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Final CrossEdit

Final Cross employs a traditional level up system where characters level up by gaining EXP from battles, which boosts their stats along a predetermined path; physical characters will earn more strength and HP when leveling, and magic-users will gain magic power and MP. The characters can also learn new skills as they gain higher levels. Characters level up by gaining EXP from battles, and jobs level up when the characters gain ABP while using said job. The maximum level is 100. The EXP needed for max level is 10,000,000.Summons also gain levels.extra EXP is gain from battles to level up summons Different S's require a varying amount of EXP for a level up.