Keitos is a system in Final Cross use component items (such as materials) to alus equipment or consumables for verious job skills among other iterms.It requires materials and crystals and a Keitos Station before it is begun, and the job skill class is required to be at the appropiate level before it can be proformed in the Keitos Loki


Keitos is begun from the keitos loki and there are ten different keitos clesses that can be proform.To Alus or upgrade equipment or to Alus food the player is required to have the right tool equipped othe then the tool.Keitos also required the right recipe and sufficient Keitos materials and crystals to function. 

The recipes determines the potential power of the crafted item by allowing the placement of a set number of leather, metal, or cloth pieces into the recipe. The materials used determine the specific enhancements, stats and/or powers that will be added to the new item. "   " and not the weapon class.Leather is looted from enemies, metals are gathered and cloth is looted from enemies. Some materials can also be purchased from vendors or rewarded for completing quest operations. Crafting materials can be collected without limiting the player's inventory space. But only three of which can be active at one time but up to two more (for a total of 5) may be added using Additional  Keitos Licenses from the General Store

Job skillEdit

The fallowing job skills and can proform Keitos 

Name  Proficiency
Armorer Works with metals to produce armor, can create frying pans for Culinarian and alembics for Alchemists
Alchemist Can transform materials into                                and verious stat buffs 
Culinarian Works with items from verious keitos classes and reagant items to create food,which can be concumed to gain stat buffs.Unlike other keitos classes they do not make gear for other classes
Blacksmith Works with ore and metals;can create swords and daggers,two handed axes for keitos classes,they can create hatchets and scythes,pickaxes and sledgehammers and knives for Culinarians and Leatherworkers and hammers for Goldsmiths,Blacksmiths and Armorers, saws and hammers for carpenters, pilers for Armorers, morters for Alchemists, awls for Leatherworkers and files for Blacksmiths  
Leatherworker Works with hides, furs and pelts to create leather-based armor and equipment; can create armori; in addition to gear for gathering classes. They can also make hand-to-hand weapons,shields 
Weaver Works with fabric and fiber to create cloth-based equipment; can make gear for crafting, gathering and caster classes, in addition to light armor with strength and dexterity.
Ranger's Works with metals and lamber to make tools for Gamekeeper,Fisherman and Rancher and Miner; and just like the Culinarian does not make gear for the other keitos classes 
Carpenter  Works with lumber; can create bows, staves and polearms. In addition, they can create wooden shield, grinding wheels for Goldsmiths, spinning wheels for Weavers and clogs for keitos classes.
Goldsmith Works with gems and metal; can create accessories (rings, earrings, bracelets and neclkaces), staves and scepters, needles for Weavers and headgear.
Whitesmith Works with gems and cyrstals to create attachments to weapons,armor and accessories for combat classes and componants to upgrade the players gear.
Engineering Works with cemicals to create elemental attachments for othe keitos classes to add to weapons,armor and accessories to give them elemental resistence. 



Each player has a set KP, or Keitos Points. The KP will decrease when    are used, and once the KP runs too low, certain  can no longer be used. For this reason, it is wise to be conservative with KP, particularly when lower levelled. KP replaces MP of Keitos job skill classes, and replaces GP of Gethering Job Skills classes.

Stats Edit

There are only two stats which help with Keitos, both of which gear,levels increase like other stats:

Stats Effect
Artisanship Increases the amount of progress that can be gained when using           such as             , and helps finish the item faster.
Kulu Increases the amount of Quality that will be gained when using            such as              . Ideally, both stats should be raised as high as possible to make the process much faster, as this allows the player to gain more value for each         that uses up Durability, in addition to more value out of their KP

Keitos StationsEdit

Main Article: Keitos Stations

You can alus at designated Keitos stations,which are located in every city. The keitos panel includes three tabs:

  • Production
  • Discovery
  • Storage - Gives you direct access to items in your storage.


Main Article: Recipe

Recipes allow you to easily view the correct combination of ingredients to create an item. You can access new recipes by reaching the appropriate crafting level, you may need to first learn the recipe through discovery or a recipe sheet.


Primary article: Keitos Materials Some raw materials need to be converted into craftable ingredients. To do this, they need to be extracted. Materials can only be extracted in stacks of five, however this stack of five raw materials will not necessarily produce five refined materials. For example, five iron ore, can be refined into four iron ingots.

                                                  Basic Material tier
Cloth Leather Metal Wood Stones
Teir 1
Teir 2
Teir 3
Tier 4
Teir 5
Teir 6


The production tab shows all available recipes. The color of a recipe's name indicates how close the recipe is to your current alus level, progressing from orange for recipes near your current level to Yellow,Green,Blue,White,then Gray,for recipes that no longer grant any keitos experience. Red recipes appear when you are within five levels of the next 25-level interval, at which point they will automatically unlock.The number after the recipe name indicates how many items you can alus using that recipe, based on the contents of your inventory, material bank.


The discovery tab allows you to attempt to mix and match components to find a new recipe. Double-click items to add (or remove) them from the mix. When using the discovery pane, you only see items which fulfill all of the following criteria:

  • The item is in your inventory or your material bank tab.
  • The item is part of an undiscovered recipe.

Items are highlighted in red when they are part of a valid recipe that require a higher crafting level to discover.

As you add (or remove) items, you can also see how many possible recipes remain. If there are none, you can press the (         )  button to start from scratch.