A Job Skill is a large trade-oriented set of skills that player characters may learn in order to gather, make, or enhance items that can be used in Final Cross gameplay . Job Skills are both learned and improved from a NPC trainer (or sometimes with recipes), for a cost or occasionally directly from a quest NPC trainer. Job Skills can be learned by the correct non-combat job regardless of their character race.

Through practice, a character gains skill levels within the job skill and becomes more capable within that job skill.

There are seven broad skill levels that constrain how much skill points you can acquire within your job skill.Your character's carrying capacity will also increase for each level you gain in your Job Skill, with a big bonus at level 100.

Primary job skill and secondary job skill Edit

Two classes of job skills exist: primary job skills and secondary job skills. You can have only up to two primary job skill at any time (but are not required to take any). You can have any number of the secondary job skill, and they do not count against your two primary job skil limit.

Category of JobEdit

Job Skills fall into one of three categories:Edit

"Geathering Job Skill" gether or hervest items from resource nodes throughout the game world to supply ingredient materials ('mats') for crafting job skills. Occasionally, these harvested items will be directly useful. The gathered materials can be sold in the auction house or sold to NPC vendors.

"Production Job Skill" make items from other ingredients items (herbs, bars, meats, etc.) these "production job skills".Are crafting or building. Most of the items produced will be directly useful, but some will be ingredients for further crafting. The products can be sold in the auction house or to NPC vendors.

"Service Job Skill" provide a service, such as buffing items. These will generally change the properties of an existing item without changing the in-game identity of the item. Characters that want to make money with a service job skill will usually have to actively solicit NPC vendors.

Job SkillsEdit

Primary Job SkillsEdit


Job Skill                                                         Description                                                              


Mine ore, minerals, various gems and stone from protruding veins or deposits. Requires a Mining Pick.The smelting sub-profession uses a Forge to smelt the ore into bars of metal (Smelting works like a crafting profession.)


Act of gathering materials to make job skill items — usually referring to materials from the ground.      
Farming Act of Harvesting Herbs and other Ingredients from the players Homestead
Hunting /Skinning - There are 36 species of animals that the player can hunt. After an animal has been killed, it can be skinned, and the resulting items sold or traded to merchants. Skin Skinnable animals for hides,leather,scales and meat,Requires a Skinning Knife.


Job Skill                                                        Description                                                        
Alchemy Mix potions ,elixirs ,flasks ,oils and other alchemical substances (usually liquid) using herbs . The concoctions you create can temporarily ward against any kind of magic and power any attribute. Most recipes require various types of vials
Blacksmithing Smith various metal weapons as well as mail and plate armor and other useful trade goods like keys, shield-spikes and weapon chains to prevent disarming. Blacksmiths can also make items from stone to temporarily buff weapons. Blacksmiths can also socket one-handed weapons, bracers, and gloves.
Engineering Engineer mechanical devices, trinkets , guns, ammunition, goggles, and explosives, such as grenades ,being a Engineer gives you all sorts of unconventional and sometimes useful abilities. Usually these items are crafted with metal, minerals, and stone. Most engineering products can only be used by engineers.
Jewelcrafting Craft rings, necklaces,trinkets, jeweled headpieces and all kinds of powerful gems giving all kinds of attributes to be placed in special armor or weapons.The extra ability of Prospecting comes with this craft, which allows you to prospect rare minerals from raw ore (that has been mined but not smelted), thus supplying you with the raw gems you need.
Leatherworking Work leathers and hides using such items as thread and salts into goods such as leather armor and armor kits. Leatherworkers can also make very low level cloth capes and, after level 40, sets of mail armor. Other things they can craft are different Backpacks.
Tailoring Sew all sorts of cloth goods, including cloth armor and many kinds of bags. Also weave raw cloth items such as linen cloth into bolts of that type of cloth. Other crafted goods are nets to slow enemies with, flying blankets to ride on, and magical threads which empowers items they are attached onto.

Secondary Job SkillsEdit


Job Skill                                                    Description                                                                 
First Aid Crafting and Service - Create bandages and posion-cleansing anti-venoms and apply them. Considered a must-have-profession for all classes who are not able to heal themselves via magic or the like.Requires a First Aid Pack
Cooking Crafting - Requires Cooking Utinsels- cook ingredients to create food that can also provide temporary buffs .The buffs can increase nearly every stat,and some give you unusual passive abilities.In order to cook,you must create a Basic Campfire.when at cabins,lounges also have stoves to cook on 
Fishing Geathering - catch fish from rivers lake or oceans. Requires a Fishing Pole.
Stealth Service - Open lock chests and doors.Requires a Special Key.
Gambling Service - Use to win gil/cash at saloons and bars. Requires Chips.

Easy Money MakingEdit

Every job skill offers opportunities to make money. The gathering job skills offer an obvious avenue: Sell what was gathered. Some of the crafting job skills also have "value added services". The value of those services depends on the market prices for the source and completed items, or upon the price players are willing to offer.

Maximum Job LevelEdit

The maximum level of a job is 99.While you can continue to gain.Job Experience,no futher bonuses or recipes are gained past level 99.

Note; Job Skills experience does NOT accumelate after level 99.

Job BonusEdit

At every job skill level the character gains a five (5) pod carrying bonus plus additional fifty (50) pod carrying bonus for the players wagon capability giving a total of five hundred fifty (550) pod carrying bonus.At job skill level 99,the character gains an additional one thousand (1000)pod carrying bonus giving a total of one thousand five hundred fifty (1550) This bonus does not enhance strength stats.