Gyrifixian - are race of amphibious surface dwelling humanoids who live in and around ocaens or lakes.


They have their forebears' pronounced and haughty facial features,and exotic,purple eyes and rarely have red eyes.They have pale skin that is covered in white scales from years of living far from the sun's rays.Three piscine gills on both side of their neck just above their shoulders. This race is well adapted to tropical environment that is cool wet climate.

When players play as this race while on land this race has legs that have white scales on them and have feet like Crocs that allow them to be out of water and be able to breath with out need in water then during gameplay when the player is in the water the race transforms it's legs into a sharks tail that allows the race to swim faster and to be able to attack enamies from a distance also allow them to have strength state for there job. 


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