Guests or Temporary Playable Characters are a recurring system of temporary party members in the Final Cross . They typically join the party during set points in the game's plot, and then leave shortly afterward in another point in the plot.

Guest characters do not always take up space in the player's party, though they might appear in the menus. So if the game only allows for three party members in battle, a Guest can be a fourth fighter outside of the player's control. Their abilities and equipment cannot be customized either.


Final CrossEdit

in Final Cross Guest are controlled by the computer. They are out of the plsyers control their abilities and equipment cannot be customized either.items used by Guests are infinite and do not affect the player's own inventory. Guests typically have weapons that are completely unique to them and can never be found by the player for their own use and they have an unknown amount of HP, but their current HP number is displayed as "???" and can only be guessed by looking at their life bar, their actions are based on specific behaviors depending on the quest and they cannot be ousted from the party, neither can it be disbanded. They can be targeted normally by any ability that can be used on other players.

Often, if a guest character is KO'd in battle, the related quest battle is failed and must be repeated.However, if the battle objective requires player to protect or rescue the particular guest, their K.O. will grant an instant Game Over.

Guest Characters in Final Cross Include: