Gathering is the act of collecting materials from reasource nodes. General types of gathering resources include ore veins (metal), trees (wood), and non-tree plants (cooking ingredients). You can only get materials from nodes using a gathering tool: mining picks for ore, logging axes for wood, and harvesting sickles for plants. You can equip the tools in the menu under items. Each tool comes with a set number of uses, which is reduced by one each time it is used.

The amount and quality of materials dropped depends on the level of the players geathering class and the node plus the quality of tool used to gather.. More expensive tools will produce greater amounts of more valuable materials.

Rich mining veins can be mined ten times as opposed to three and have a higher chance to give rare gems.

Skill Level Level {| Required Potential Cast
Grand Master

Gathering ToolsEdit

Main Article: Gathering Tool

You can usually find a merchant offering gathering tools in large towns, some small ones, as well as some vendors.New characters may purchase basic harvesting tools from the following vendors.

  • In                talk to               in the
  • In                talk to               in the
  • In                talk to               south of
  • In                talk to               near the


  • Red: Skill insufficient.
  • Orange: 100% chance of increasing skill level.
  • Yellow: 100% chance of increasing skill level.
  • Green: less than 100% chance of increasing skill.
  • Gray: Never increases skill level.

Resource NodesEdit

At a glanceEdit

Nodes can be found randomly distributed within logical ranges, e.g. underground and rocky areas are likely to have ore or mushroom nodes, forests will have wood nodes, and farms are more likely places to find vegetables. A Farm Node is an area with 30 or more plants of same type clustered together.

Node Typ  e Compass Icon Main Yield Rare Addiional Yield  Harvesting Tool Required 
Harvesting Ingredients Harvesting Sickles
Logging Logs Logging Axes
Mining Ore Mining Pike


In addition to the items listed below, harvesting plants will occasionally yield:



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