Crystals are legendary and often elemental stones and objects that appears in every game in the main Final Cross series. Crystals have power over natural phenomena, and function as a powerful source of magical energy. Many antagonists focus their efforts on seizing the Crystals to gain power towards their goal.

In Final Cross there are eleven crystals heres a few of them: a Water Crystal, a Fire Crystal, a Wind Crystal, a Earth Crystal, a Ice Crystal, a Dark Crystal, and two Sand Crystals. Crystals Can be found in Crystal Rooms.The Crystals are often treasured for their power and many myths and legends surround the true extent of their abilities. Uncovering the truth of these myths and their meaning is a typical part of every Final Cross Game.

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Final CrossEdit

When a summon dies, their remains crystallize into Magicite, which appear as glowing shards of green crystal. In contrast to magic extracted from live Summons via Magicite,magick can be taught naturally and at a much higher potency using Magicite. 

In Final Cross, Crystals can also be equiped to equipment which grant the user special abilities,and special stats Players can also give crystals to gate guards of their city to aid in that citys development. In return, players are rewarded with Elemental Points,which are needed to level up the players elemental stats.

Crystals are commonly found in the form of magicite. One of their many functions is as a Save Point. These Crystals are divided into Save Station, which let the player save the game and heal active party members fully , Gate Station, which also allow teleportation to other Gate Station, and Soul Crystals which is a form of both the Save Station and Gate Station which allows the player to 

Crystals may appear when a defeated unit remains unconscious for three rounds (300 CT). They represent the condensed soul energy of the defeated unit. Living player may pick up these crystals to fully restore their HP and MP. If a character picks up the crystal formed from another enemies' soul, the living player may choose instead to learn the abilities that the defeated unit had learned, at no MP cost.. Once a unit's soul condenses into a crystal, its body disappears, and it cannot be revived by any means, making the transformation into a crystal a form of permanent death.