Crafting is the process of turning component items (such as materials) into equipment or consumables.In Final Cross there are ten different crafting clesses,only three of which can be active at one time

Crafting StationsEdit

Main Article: Crafting Stations

You can craft at designated crafting stations,which are located in every city. The  crafting panel includes three tabs:

  • Production
  • Discovery
  • Storage - Gives you direct access to items in your storage.


Main Article: Recipe

Recipes allow you to easily view the correct combination of ingredients to create an item. You can access new recipes by reaching the appropriate crafting level, you may need to first learn the recipe through discovery or a recipe sheet.


                                                  Basic Material tier
Cloth Leather Metal Wood Stones
Teir 1
Teir 2
Teir 3
Tier 4
Teir 5
Teir 6



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