Containers are objects capable of storing objects. Containers are found throughout                               and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The storage capacity of a container is not dependent upon its size or shape and it can store nearly an unlimited number of items.But, the items initially found inside most containers are determined by the type of container.

'Types Of Containers'Edit

  • 'Satchel 'These are small leather pouches that can be found near cooking station or on shelves. They typically contain ingredients.
  • Barrel, Crate, Small Crate – Barrels,Crates and Small Crates  can be found almost everywhere. They typically contain 1-5 food items. A variant of the standard barrel are ones that contain alcoholic beverages, such as the                                . Some barrels are called Thief Caches, used by the Thieves to hide weapons, lockpicks and other things their fellow thieves would need. 
  • 'Bird's Nest 'Birds' Nests can be found in many different locations all across           . They are usually found between large rocks and trees, and aren't usually seen out in the open. Some may be found in cities behind corners of buildings or on the edge of the town wall. One town that has at least one Birds' Nest in it is the town of            . Occasionally, nests can be found indoors. One can be found on top of your homestead.

Birds' Nests can contain:

  • Chicken's Egg
  • Owl'sEgg
  • Eagle's Egg
  • Hawk's Egg
  • 'Chest 'Usually the largest storage container found and they normally contain items of higher value than other containers. Chests can vary in appearance dependent upon their location. As chests are the "best" container available, the term chest, is often times used interchangeably for any storage container found within a dungeon.
  • All chests have a generally rectangular box shape.Chest can be made in the Homestead. Requires 1 Sawn Log, 1 Nails,1 Iron Fittings,2 Hinge, and 1 Lock. Occasionally you can find hidden chests near camps and ruins. A brief musical chord will sound indicating a hidden chest can be found in the immediate area; the chests are usually hidden in nooks, behind walls or behind waterfalls and pillars.
  • Cupboard– These are found in almost all houses. They typically contain clothing items and sometimes gold.
  • Dresser – These are found in almost all houses. They typically contain clothing items and general clutter.
  • End Table – These are found in almost all houses. They typically contain items of clothing, or sometimes food or gold.
  • Pot – These are found in some houses and shops, and occasionally at bandit camps. They typically contain ingredeints.
  • Sack – These are found in almost all houses and shops. They typically contain 1-5 food items or ingredients.
  • Drawer – Usually contains various clothing and armor , as well as Coins and general clutter.
  • Safe – Quite rare, but can typically be found in upper-class housing, such as                          . Safes can be created in a Homestead.
  • Napsack– These containers are fairly rare, but can be found in almost any environment. They typically contain a range of items such as books, ingredients, jewelry, potions and gold.
  • Weardorbe – These are found in almost all houses and will typically contain clothing items. Such clothing items will pertain to either fine clothes in fine wardrobes or regular clothes in rough wardrobes. 
  • Urn – These various sized containers can be found in tombs, ruins, and other places where the dead reside. Typically contain a small amount of gold and on occasion jewelry or potions.
  • Desk – occasionally contains books
  • Jewelry Box – usually contains jewelry, precious gems, or gold

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