Charcter Creation is a 10 step process guiding the player through creation a new character.


Main Article: Playable Races

The races are designed to be balanced, such that no one race possesses an unfair advantage over other races.


Every Race has the options for gender in step two: male or female. Aside from physical appearance and some dialogue, there are no gameplay differences between them.

Job ClassEdit

Main Article: Job System

Step three allows you to choose one of forty three job class, unrestricted by race or gender.

Physical ApperenceEdit

Main Article: Physical Apperence

In step four, you can customize four different aspects of your character's physical characteristics and appearance.

  • Body Features
  • Head Options
  • Face Details
  • Clothing Option


Main Articel:Biography

Steps five to nine involve answering five separate multiple-choice questions that influence the biography or background of your character.

  • The first question determines a profession-dependent aesthetic aspect of your character, the choice and the appearance of one piece of your armor; the options are the same for all races, except for Rangers, whose pet choice-set is affected by race.
  • The second question determines the character's initial personality, which affects how NPCs react to the character (typically as differences among dialogue choices).
  • The final three questions determine the personal storyline of the character; questions relating to the character's background, motivations, and experiences. These questions are determined by race.

You can choose to "Skip to End" at each of these steps, in which case the game will randomly answer the questions for you and take you to the last step.


The last step is to choose a name for your character, which can include from 3 to 19 characters. Names must be composed entirely of letters and (optional) spaces; names always use title case (i.e. the first letter of each word is capitalized) and must begin with a letter.

For non-space characters, the English versions of the game allow the standard 26 letters of the alphabet along with accented letters such as à and è.

Strating EquipmentEdit

Main Article:Starting Equipment

Starting Equipment is similar for most characters:

  • Each character gets the same basic an and a               (that holds up to 20 items).
  • The starting weapons depends solely on the choice of profession.
  • Except for Gamekeeper, one piece of armor is dependent on how the character answers the profession-specific question during the Biography.

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