Blacksmithing is a job skill and is the art of forging items out of metals, minerals, and other trade goods. Blacksmiths utilize bars of metal unearthed and smelted by the mining profession along with various trade and magical goods to produce their wares. A blacksmith can create melee weapons, Mail and Plate armor, trade items used as ingredients by other professions, as well as keys used to unlock a variety of items in the world. Additionally, blacksmiths can craft consumable items that when applied to weapons can provide temporary buffs to items.While they can create a variety of items, they cannot repair these items themselves when damaged, and must still use the services of a whitesmith.

Training as a BlacksmithEdit

See also: Blacksmithing Trainers

Blacksmithing is taught by various blacksmithing trainers located throughout the world. Prospective blacksmiths must be at least level 5. Initial training costs 10 , granting the Apprentice level with a potential skill of 75 and access to apprentice blacksmithing plans taught by trainers, or found throughout the world. Most recipes require the use of a blacksmith hammer and anvil.The following are the required levels and potential skill of each stage of the profession:

Skill Level Level {| Required Potential Cast
Apprentice - 1 75 1.5 sec
Journeyman - 50 150 1.5 sec
Expert 10 125 225 1.5 sec
t' 25 200 300 1.5 sec
Master 40 275 375 1.5 sec
Grand Master 55 350 450 1.5 sec
' 75 425 525 1.5 sec
' 80 500 600

1.5 sec

Advancing as a blacksmithEdit

Crafting items is the only way to progress through the stages. Plans will appear as one of four colors in the profession window, with a certain chance for a skill up (gaining a point):

  • Red: Skill insufficient.
  • Orange: 100% chance of increasing skill level.
  • Yellow: 100% chance of increasing skill level.
  • Green: less than 100% chance of increasing skill.
  • Gray: Never increases skill level.

As blacksmithing skill increases, plans will eventually change from red to orange , orange to yellow yellow to green and green to grey. Only by finding higher skill plans can one continue to progress through the profession.

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