Beginner's House also known as also known as Beginner's Hall, Training Classroom, Training Room and Greenhorn's Club, have been used in Final Cross as a tutorial for players new to RPGs and the Final Cross franchise in general. Beginner's House is most often a small area of tutorials that give the player tips on how to play the game. The Beginner's House's appear's in every installment of the series, and the tutorials can be viewed in the menu. Later in the games for more help with the game.


Final CrossEdit

The Beginner's House can be found in             and can be first accessed on the way out from the               . This place has five rooms and a healing spring which the player can use to heal themselves before proceeding on to the World Map. The first room teaches players the basics, the other rooms teach the player advanced techniques for exemple can view tutorials on Save Points, treasure chests.

A Tonic and a Sleeping Bag can be found inside the first room.In the second room of the Beginner's House  the player can obtain a: Spy Glass, 200 gil, Tent and an Ether.Inside the green-robed wizards tell the player about hidden treasures that can be found in crates and pots, about Hidden Passages and how they can be unveiled with the Thief class,among other things.And