The Beadtmaster is a ranged damage dealing class.Master marksmen, beastmasters use a plethora of different shots to take down their prey, from explosive volleys and penetrating powershots. Beastmasters are also masters of survival, and their familiarity with traps and misdirection can allow them to manipulate their quarry's attentions, leading them into deadly ambushes or camouflaging themselves so well that even the sharpest-eyed of foes cannot fix their aim upon them. True to their name, Beastmaster are also skilled huntsmen, capable of tracking even the stealthiest of targets with incredible accuracy.

Beastmaster have a powerful connection to the wild, and an uncanny ability to befriend even the wildest of beasts. Beastmasters form a deep bond with their pets, and are rarely to be found without a fierce companion at their side, ready to leap into battle at the beastmaster's command. Beastmasters can even call wild beasts and flocks of birds to assail their enemies. Beastmater's do not use their pets only to deal ferocious damage to their foes, but can also draw strength and healing from their bond, regaining focus and inspiring their companions to surprising new heights. The powerful and intelligent animals commanded by beastmasters are themselves capable of a huge range of skilful and breath-taking moves, with each type of pet boasting its own selection of special abilities.Beastmasters are also capable of using their connection to the Aspects of various animals to empower themselves and their allies, augmenting their abilities according to the needs of the situation.

Beastmasters start wearing leather and advance to mail armor later on. They use agility and cunning to stay out of reach of melee attackers, commanding their pets to attack while they launch devastating volleys from afar. Beastmasters are at a disadvantage when their foes close in, and may use an array of traps and snares to slow and disorient attackers who threaten to draw too close for comfort. Beastmasters can also send their pets to taunt and distract enemies, overwhelming targets with a snarling attacker that demands their full attention, leaving them too busy to notice the deadly shot being carefully aimed at them.

Beastmasters are perhaps the most involved companion class of all. Beastmasters can track, tame, name and train a huge range of animals throughout the world, with a number of special rare beasts existing solely for beastmasters to discover, hidden from the eyes of any other class. Beastmasters will rarely find themselves fighting alone, and can count on the presence of their trusty companions at their side. The combination of beastmasters' powerful ranged damage capabilities and their pets' aggro management makes beastmasters an excellent soloing class, essentially a two-man team capable of tackling enemies far beyond the abilities of many other classes. A potent damage dealer with enviable abilities in kiting and crowd control, the beastmaster is a class that is easy to learn, but difficult to master.



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Combat PetsEdit

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