Aziarcks are a pale-skinned race of a winged humanoids that have angelic blood which allows them to have high resistance to light and to be able to be in light for long period of time with out needing the blood of animals to keep from losing HP .They are taller than many other races and have a tremendous resistance to magic.

Physiology Edit

Aziarcks have short elf like ears that allow them to speak to the spirits in the Vestal Forest and they have beautiful long white to neon wings that allow them to summon angel spirits for battle aziarcks wings allow them to have advantages in battle over land enemies. 

Aziarcks are extremely intelligent, charismatic and dexterous, but share surface elves' comparative frailty and slight frames. Females tend to be slightly taller than males and have obsidian colored skin and pale yellow (or pale golden), silver or white hair. This hair is carefully groomed and cared for and worn long and have goatee's instead of beards, though many males are fond of long sideburns.  

Aziarcks eyes are usually dark purple, but some are known to have different colored, commonly much paler, eyes such as blue, lilac, pink or silver.Sometimes their eyes are even green which would implicate that this particular Aziarck as some surface Aziarcks blood in their vein.  

They usually vary in height between 6' and 6'7, and weigh between 130 to 175 lbs on average, all aziarcks are handsome and beautiful.The aziarck skin is pale due to dwell below-ground for thousands of years.Aziarcks slender and muscular frame give them higher accuracy and balance for swift movement in battle and allow them to climb to places to get treasure that would normally require a animal that can fly or jump and a human to ride them. 

Culture Edit

Aziarcks were force to the surface by an evil demon Since then, they have adapted to surface life which cause there blood to become darker and there skin to lighten up to more of a cream color.Aziarcks lived in the dwells in the underground coves of the Flower-edge Mountains. 

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